Wine Clubs

For wine lovers who want to become more involved with our vineyard and winery in this unique corner of Dorset, just 5 miles from the Jurassic Coast, we have a selection of clubs you can join.

Discovery Cru

Discover our Dorset wines one bottle at a time

1 Bottle

Monthly deliveries, or less often if you prefer


Premier Cru

Like having friends around? Three bottles is the perfect number.

3 Bottles
Deliveries every other month, less or more often if you prefer


The Grand Cru

If you like your wine in cases this is the club for you.

6 Bottles

Quarterly deliveries, or more often if you prefer


Features of All Our Wine Clubs

Receive your first delivery 2 or 3 days after joining

Choose between deliveries every 1, 2 or 3 months

Ability to swap wines and add wines to each delivery

Discount on all wine purchases and events

Invitation to our harvest party

Mystery free gift

Prior notification of new releases and the opportunity to buy limited edition wines

There is no joining fee and you may leave the club or change clubs at any time.

Compare our Clubs

Discovery Cru Club

Premier Cru Club

The Grand Cru Club

Number of bottles 1 3 6
Standard frequency Every month Every 2 months Every 3 months
Alternative frequencies Every month
Every 2 months
Every 3 months
Every month
Every 2 months
Every 3 months
Every month
Every 2 months
Every 3 months
Discount on purchases 10% 15% 20%
Discount on events 10% 15% 20%
Harvest pick and dine Priority invite: £15 per ticket 2 free tickets 4 free tickets
Priority allocation of new releases
Grand Tour Tickets 2 free tickets / year 4 free tickets / year
Mystery Gift
Updates on life at Furleigh Estate

Please note that our former 'Seasonal Six' club is no longer open to new members. The terms are identical to The Grand Cru, excepting only that your first delivery will arrive 2 days after you join the club and quarterly thereafter, rather than on dates that we set and that the selection of wines offered will take into account your previous purchases. You can also adjust the frequency of wine deliveries with all of our Cru clubs.

If you are a Seasonal Six club member and would like to move to The Grand Cru, please just sign up to The Grand Cru above and then you will be able to leave the Seasonal Six club from within your account.

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